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Company History

17 Years

We specialize in SMS solutions, computer systems development and IT consultancy. We purpose to add value to businesses and individual consumers by providing Corporate and Mobile VAS solutions.

Our Services

Corporate VAS

Onfon gives you diverse corporate services that will increase your consumer growth. Services range from USSD, Bulk SMS, Short Code, System Development & Integrations.


Mobile VAS

Get entertained and entertain your customers & Listeners across the country with our wide range of solutions from:

  • Ring Back Tones (RBT)

    Set up a personalized audio or music clip to entertain yourself or your callers when call is in waiting

  • Interactive voice response (IVR)

    An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) system is an automated phone system that allows callers to interact with a computer-generated voice or menu options to navigate through various options and perform certain tasks, such as accessing information, making payments, or requesting assistance.

  • 411

    411 is an informative service that inspires, informs and entertains.

  • Artist Management

    Onfon Media are collaborating with artists to make marketing campaigns whether joint or independent a success, following up on artists payments, ensuring they are paid their royalties on time etc.


Continental Presence

With operations in over 5 countries Onfon continues to grow towards the achievement of its vision to become a leading Pan African VAS Company. Innovation, employee and customer satisfaction are part of our core values.