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About Us

Onfon Media Limited is a Premium Rate Service Provider (PRSP) for mobile phone content. It is a popular company among subscribers and content providers for Value Added Services on the mobile platform. We develop content on RingBackTone (RBT) platform, also commonly known as SKIZA.


At Onfon Media we provide you with various products to enable communication with your clients. This is helpful in case you want to send promotional and transactional messages

Bulk SMS

Sandbox / Trial version

You can use this portal to preview the features provided by the Bulk SMS service

Bulk SMS

Production / Live

You can use this portal when you want to send real/live messages.


Bulk SMS rates (Outgoing messages)

Basic Plan
(0 - 50,000 SMS)
Plus Plan
(50,001 - 100,000 SMS)
Premium Plan
(100,001 - 500,000 SMS)
Max Plan
(More than 500,000 SMS)
Other Telcos0.